Essential Tools for the Proper Graphic Tools Now

A graphic tablet not only serves for the programs of design and edition of the image, you can use it also like any mouse (mouse) for the rest of programs. Among other things, it complies with the basic functions that are point, drag, clicks or double-click anywhere.

Imagine the possibilities that you have, if instead of using a mouse you would use a pencil, would not it seem more natural for you to draw, make strokes or retouch a photo? In addition to most tablets, digital pens are sensitive to pressure. That is if we draw with a pencil on paper as you press more the stroke is harder and if we press less the stroke is thinner, right? Because the tablet is the same.

However, this pressure can be linked to one or more functionalities depending on the program used. You can read the Wacom bamboo vs Intuos comparison online to know regarding the same.

Another advantage of using a graphics tablet is the convenience and simplicity when making one or several free selections with lasso tool (photoshop) if we use the mouse the process is very unnatural, uncomfortable and even clumsy.

While if we use the digital pen, the fluidity is almost absolute (obviously also depends on the capacity of the computer). The same thing happens if we do points to anchor when vectorizing some way illustrator, the pen is much simpler and faster.

graphic pen

To meet tight deadlines and customer expectations, graphic designers turn to pen tablets and interactive monitors’ to enjoy a more natural, intuitive and creative experience, allowing them to create and collaborate faster.

A more natural pencil in Adobe Illustrator

Given the natural and ergonomic feel of the graphic pen only, there is really no better way to create digital artwork on your computer. Among the different tools that are available in Adobe Illustrator, there are some that are specifically optimized for graphic pen tablets.

Tools which use to offer brush-alike functionality, comprising a brush, smudge brush and eraser, have the advantage of tilt, pen pressure, and, in few incidents, even rotation, such as some specialty tools. When combined with graphic design hardware, like graphic tablets, these tools allow designers and artists to develop free forms and stylized visual elements.

Even, designers gain efficiency with a graphic tablet as they happen to move by the design procedure as well as work with design assets.

Create faster, without sacrificing quality

Get control and accuracy from the initial concept to the concluding design. Whether you’re composing an imaginative concept in Photoshop, emerging the graphic artist tools like graphic tablets of a logo in Illustrator or arranging page layouts, you’ll be happy with the well-organized and functional workflow that comes with working along with a pressure-profound pen tablet. You can feel the benefits also of holding a pencil in your hand, instead of pressing a mouse or touchpad, which makes you enjoy much more of your work.

With the incorporation of multi-touch functions in the set of Adobe CC programs, including Illustrator and Photoshop, you can improve your experience even more while you work. Use movements on the surface with the multi-touch function of the pen tablet or interactive monitor to rotate the canvas, expand, move or perform almost any navigation element with one hand, while using the pen with the other. It is fluid, natural and precise at the same time.